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What Is Tron (Trx) Cryptocurrency In Simple Words

The project that we will present to you today is one of the TOP 100 crypto projects in terms of capitalization, and its name is TRON. So that you have an understanding of what kind of project this is, and what idea the developers put into it, we will analyze the key points related to TRON.

What is TRON cryptocurrency

TRON cryptocurrency is a blockchain-based, decentralized entertainment platform. In other words, TRON is something like a social network, where users can easily post, watch and use content for entertainment, such as casinos, online games and other applications. For developers, the TRON platform provides an opportunity to promote their games and applications related to gambling.

Used currencies on the TRON platform

The TRON platform uses several types of cryptocurrencies, including TRONIX’s own token (TRX). In addition to its own token, Bitcoin, Qtum and Ethereum coins are the means of payment on the platform. The TRX token is the base token of the platform, but there are other native tokens: TRON Power and TRON20. TRON Power is a token that gives the holder the right to vote on the development of the network. The TRON20 token is a token that allows the holder (application developer) to issue tokens for their own game within the TRON network. The maximum possible number of TRX tokens is 100,000,000,000.

TRON Platform Developers

The TRON platform is developed by the TRON Foundation, founded by British citizen Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Justin Sun. The latter, according to Forbes magazine, is considered the man who can equal the founder of Alibaba.

Where to buy TRON cryptocurrency

As of December 3, 2017, TRX tokens can be bought on Binance, Gate.io, Liqui and Gatecoin. The cost of one token is $ 0.002121.

TRON Cryptocurrency Prospects

The digital entertainment market is estimated at about $ 1 trillion, of which online casino games account for the majority. The TRON platform can be compared in terms of volume with a company like Alibaba, which is the world leader in the field of Internet commerce. Since the majority of TRON investors are from China, there is no doubt that this platform will gain great popularity there. According to our forecasts in 2018, the TRX cryptocurrency will be able to reach the price of 10 cents per coin, so take a closer look at it.


The capitalization of the TRON project is currently $ 160 million, which allows it to hold the 57th place in the well-known rating. The only factor that can prevent the price of TRX tokens from rising is their number, of which 100 billion will be issued. That’s all, see you.

Let’s once again consolidate the material in order to still learn about tron ​​cryptocurrency or a new interesting blockchain project.

The TRON project was founded in 2017 by the famous developer Justin Sun, who is a member of the Forbes list under 30. This project is based on blockchain technology, which means it can be safely called a decentralized open source platform. The idea behind the TRON project is to create an entertainment ecosystem in which media files can be freely distributed.

Within this project, there is its own unit of calculation called trx cryptocurrency. Some analysts point out that this media platform has a good chance to compete with platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

You can buy tron ​​cryptocurrency on the Binance exchange, where about 20% of the total number of trades takes place. The maximum trx rate reached 25 cents at the beginning of 2018, when the project capitalization was $ 16.7 billion.

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